Praise for Awaken to the Wisdom of your Dreams

"Awaken to the Wisdom of your Dreams flows beautifully… Kathleen speaks to the reader in a warm encouraging voice without preaching or teaching. The opening chapters lead the reader on a journey with a light loving touch. Kathleen Duffy’s book makes the psychological basis for dreamwork clear and meaningful.” 

Deborah O’Neill Fearon MIAHIP

"Kathleen refers to the words of this song in her book and it epitomises for me what she is sharing with us and inviting us to attend.  Her generosity in sharing in the book is palpable and has left me feeling comforted, challenged and spiritually nourished.  Throughout the book, the curtain is pulled back for me.  It is both simply put and deep. 

We are invited each night to go to the Theatre where we are producer and Director, to go within ourselves for guidance.  The book educates the reader in how to prepare for dreamwork, beginning with commitment to be attentive to dreams.   When we believe that our dreams give voice to our Psyche doors will begin to open.   Our dreams can bring us to the stuck place, the place we know we fear.  In my recent experience since reading the book I had a dream which was very powerful and clear.  Creative work which I have been avoiding has been shown to me.  Reading the book has brought me to familiar places in my dreams and also unfamiliar ones.  There has also been synchronicity.  A few days following the piece in the book about the Ceide Fields in Mayo I find myself watching a recorded TV programme about Connaught and right in the middle of it they take me to the Ceide Fields.   Kathleen’s creativity stirs the creativity of the reader in a way which is exciting and grounding.  It opens the door to doing work which we may be avoiding, but yet is our soul work.  She writes about Commitment to Priority. I found this most interesting because while I am great at prioritising I find I can get distracted when it comes to the action part, how we can get distracted by entertaining instead of attending to what is important to our Self.

The book is full of healing from the Higher Self and the power of our own creativity.  I love the piece about dreams being the invitation from the Creator to Co-create, about coming from the unconscious to the conscious.  The comfort from the book for me comes from the acceptance of the shadow, the exploration of the total self and the learning from it. The learning in the book for me was looking at “what I thought I knew” from a different perspective, in a place where I could take on the fear which can keep me back.  

Kathleen has shared her dreams and their meaning in a very generous and comprehensive way.  I was very struck by the familiar in the book and the way in which she ties ancient beliefs with present day occurrences.  Her knowledge of and references to the Bible are educational and warming and her knowledge and familiarity with symbols takes you to a world of wonderment.  It is like a Dream Bible." 

Anne Colgan IAHIP, extract from a review for Inside Out Journal in Ireland

"Kathleen Duffy's appraoch is eclectic and creative. She shows an openness to a range of meanings and layers of insight contained in dreams. She is not afraid to deploy ideas like "soul" and "spirit" when she deems appropriate. Undaunted, she takes the "soul" out of its reservation in crumbling protected structures on the margins of our lives and places it firmly where she knows it belongs" 


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Hear Kathleen speak about Awaken to the Wisdom of Your Dreams in this program by Irish TV here (skip to 15.00)